Our Vision

We believe in the power of biomarker diagnostics to transform cardiovascular healthcare.

Upstream Medical Technologies is developing the first rapid and accurate diagnostic, ‘Marker C’, for use in emergency rooms to further triage patients in the troponin grey-zone with heightened risk of heart attack due to unstable angina. The technology has been validated in over 2,200 patients.

Preventing under or overtreatment

By preventing an under or overtreatment of patients with heart disease we can help to:

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Save patient lives

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Save physician time

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Improve patient experience

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Save hospitals money

Upstream's Solution

Marker C — a patented diagnostic blood test

Marker C is measured in the blood of patients that have experienced unstable angina and therefore are at risk of having a heart attack, to allow identification of these patients prior to lasting heart tissue damage.

By testing those in the troponin grey-zone, Marker C will allow for rapid diagnosis of these patients within hours of presentation to an ER.

Marker C is designed to be tested on standard instrumentation found in hospital and complements existing cardiac diagnostics (such as troponin for heart attack).

The biomarker can enable an ED to rapidly triage 10-35% more chest pain patients.

Marker C clinical study

The technology has been developed by testing over 2,200 patients in studies from Christchurch and the US that sought to identify a major adverse cardiovascular events in chest pain patients presenting at an emergency room, and from Switzerland that sought to assess patients in the troponin grey zone by undertaking cardiac stress tests.

Clinical trial data on those in the troponin grey-zone shows Marker C has a 98.3% predictive value (NPV), 90% sensitivity and 58% specificity to detect unstable angina.

Close up of a microscope studying a blood sample

The market

The global market for cardiac biomarkers is estimated at ~US$8.8b p.a.

Marker C has a >US$1.5b p.a. potential global market:

Chest pain patients at the ED that fall into the troponin grey-zone and so are unable to be rapidly triaged. Approx 1 in 3 chest pain patients.


p.a. global opportunity

Further assess 1 of 2 patients admitted to the hospital with elevated troponin who are found to not have an MI.


p.a. global opportunity

Patients with suspected risk of coronary artery disease referred by their primary carer for a cardiac stress test. In the US this is $5.6m p.a.


p.a. global opportunity

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