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Biomarker diagnostics for rapidly identifying imminent heart attack

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We are developing novel biomarkers through clinical studies that will rapidly identify patients with unstable angina, an important precursor to heart attacks.

Heart disease is the biggest killer of women and men globally

Although cardiac biomarkers have come far, there is still no rapid and objective diagnostic tool to rapidly and effectively triage 1 of 3 who present to the emergency department with chest pain. They fall into the ‘troponin grey-zone’.

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At Upstream we believe in the power of biomarker diagnostics to transform cardiovascular healthcare.

We aim to reduce morbidity and mortality as well as the burden on overloaded healthcare systems by assisting emergency rooms and cardiac testing clinics to more accurately identify patients suffering acute coronary syndrome.

We will provide physicians with the diagnostic tools to make rapid and accurate decisions, allowing them to prioritise resources on those most at risk.

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Marker C

The power of biomarker diagnostics

Marker C is a breakthrough patented diagnostic blood test. Marker C is measured in the blood of patients that have experienced unstable angina and therefore are at risk of having a heart attack prior to lasting heart tissue damage. Marker C will allow for diagnosis of these patients within hours of presentation to an ER.

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The company is led by a proven team, board and internationally respected medical advisors.

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