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Global market

A compelling opportunity

The global market for cardiac biomarkers is projected to be US $7.2 billion by 2018, with the USA having half this market and Europe and China sharing the other half. The dominant marker in this market is Troponin, used in heart attack diagnosis. Sales of this marker alone are projected to be US $3 billion by 2018.

Our lead test, UA Score (based on BNPsp), can identify patients at high risk of cardiac ischemia that could lead to a heart attack. Troponin, recognised as the gold standard test for heart attack, is unable to diagnose this precursor syndrome (known as unstable angina). UA Score therefore offers a powerful diagnostic tool for use alongside Troponin for enhanced diagnosis of patients presenting the the ER with chest pain.

The size of the market for this marker alone could therefore be of a similar size to that of Troponin.

Real opportunity

A real opportunity

We are seeking out licencing and equity financing partners to help us take our advanced diagnostics to the world. Together we will be able to improve outcomes for cardiac patients, assist emergency departments and build a successful, sustainable company.

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